Guess which famous poets were just in my car??

a. Billy Collins & Naomi Shihab Nye
b. Carolyn Forche & C. D. Wright
c. D. A. Powell & Jean Valentine
d. Maureen Seaton & Robert Pinsky


  1. e. Arthur Rimbaud and Walt Whitman

  2. Front seat or back seat? Ooooh, just tell us.

  3. If it was D.A. Powell, I'm gonna squeal like a girl!

  4. Carolyn and C.D are friends I know that and I know Billy so nope. I am going with c) and I really wish we could hear julie squeal like a girl.

  5. It occurs to me that the above could make a great meme, kind of like the geography one: Which of These Poets Have you Squired Around Town?

    For myself, only Carolyn. She said to me, "You don't blush like the other graduate students when I come around." Only later did it occur to me that I should've mentioned wetting my pants a little.

    Re: Gavin Rossdale. "Triple Threat" would make a good book or poem title.

    yrs, em

  6. On my last birthday I had Dorriane Laux in the back seat of my jetta (with her husband Joseph Millar in the front) I took them to the chiropractor and then to “The Loft” which is our writing center where the gods gave me the best present. The director after talking Joe and Dorrianne turned to me and said, “T.E. Ballard I believe I’ve read your work.” I floated for days. Why is it such small things make us feel like writers?

    Oh and I am with Emily, I dont blush but other parts of my body do strange things.

  7. I've had lunch with Robert Wrigley and Cleopatra Mathis and I got to have a nice conversation with Carl Phillips once. Dorianne Laux will be here in April, I think. I'll probably have beer with her. We usually take the poets out drinking after their readings. I've squired Daniel Nester around town in my 1989 Honda Accord.

    D.A. Powell is totally squeal worthy.