Contextual Map of Southeastern Wisconsin

In answer to the question, "Charlie, where are you from?"

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  1. Oh! You're near East Troy! I've actually been there. And Waukesha, not to mention Fon du lac, Racine, Fort Atkinson, and Janesville.

    I love me some Midwest pride.

  2. I could see Alpine Valley in East Troy from my parents' living room window.

    I used to hang out in Waukesha, because when you live in a town of 1,000 people, Waukesha is "the city" and Milwaukee suburbs are "the big city." Milwaukee is "scary." Chicago is "exotic."

    But it was a pretty place to live. Hilly.

  3. Charlie,

    40 miles north of Eagle lies the hometown of NYC Poet, Typo Editor, and Burning Chair Reading Series officiator, Matt Henriksen. Until he moved away to get his MFA in Arkansas, he was a proud, life-long citizen of Appleton, WI, of which he still talks fondly. And drunkly.

  4. Ah, yes—Appleton. I've been there a few times, but for some reason I seem to meet or run into people from Appleton more than any other city in Wisconsin. I think they have an export system in place.