Close Encounters of the Third Kind

A bit of my poem "Her Breast" has been added to NewPages. What a nice surprise.

I met Eduardo at the conference this week. He is awesome. We had a great pizza and poetics talk last night. E, thanks for hanging out with me. It was really a pleasure spending time with you.

The answer to the earlier quiz was C. Jean Valentine and D. A. Powell, both of whom are beautiful people, generous with their time. I was Jean's official "book opener" at her booksigning the other night. It was good times.

Also, I developed spontaneous laryngitis on Thursday. It lasted into today, when I had to introduce Beckian Fritz Goldberg and D. A. Powell at their joint reading. I sounded like a pubescent boy crossed with Demi Moore.

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  1. Maybe I've been living under a rock (it's altogether possible), but I hadn't run across NewPages before -- some good stuff there, and congratulations on having your poem featured!

    I'll be taking D.A. Powell's workshop in Provincetown this summer, if all goes well. I'm glad to hear good things about him. Sounds like it was a good conference.