Adding More Titles to the Never-Shrinking Reading List...

I read today, courtesy of a link in C. Dale's blog, that Mark Wunderlich is not only Queen of His Domain, so to speak, but he is also (like me) from rural Wisconsin.

But he is probably from the "Wisconsin" part of rural Wisconsin, while I am from the "Chicago" part of rural Wisconsin. They're very different states. In the former, they craftily make furniture out of people (Ed Gein). In the latter, they eat them (Jeffrey Dahmer). This summarily divides the entire state population into two neat categories: but make no mistake, anything from Wisconsin can probalby kill you (beer, Carmex, errant bratwurst, Tommy Thompson's Health & Human Services tenure).

Does anyone know if Michael Burkard is Queen of His Domain? My Magic 8 Ball encouraged me to ask again later.

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  1. what town are you from?

    I grew up near Joliet, IL (think Blues Brothers, Statevill Prison) just south of Chicago. I marched with a drum corps from Madison and know a bunch of people from your area, it sounds like.