I think I have a new manuscript about 78% percent complete. Maybe a little more.

Right now it's two sections which I probably won't title, although the second section is a very long poem called "The Heart, Like a Window." It owes a huge debt to Eduardo and his blog, whose work inspired the initial writing of it. Also, a debt to Melissa Pritchard and Glimmer Train.

I knew I was engaged in this process—I do tend to write linked poems, and usually after a break from writing I will hunker down and dash off a lot of poem over several months. I can see now, after putting these poems next to each other, where my holes are, what poems need to be written, and I've been writing them over the past two weeks.

I think this is called Little Burning Edens.

Therapist with a Dream Inside is going into a drawer to hibernate. I don't believe in it anymore; those poems are just so stilted. I love their effusiveness, but...I need time to let them marinate before I can work with it again. It needs radical overhaul.

The happy part of today is that I feel like I can start submitting these new poems, which I've held off on doing.

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  1. Hey CR,

    When can I read that section? I'm very curious.