"And whether this is true or not, certainly I was going to be a writer, because that is what I have become."
       —Russell Edson


  1. Hi Charles:
    Thanks for the "Belief-o-matic" link. Very interesting. I came out Universal Unitarian/Secular Humanist. Though I am in reality a lapsed Roman Catholic, that was my lowest percentage. No surprise. Just don't tell my mom. Hehehe.

  2. I always come out Liberal Quaker, which I actually really like. Out of curiosity, I started looking into Quakerism (well, the liberal side of it), I was surprised to find a faith that really did encapsulate what I believed and suspected.

    My second most compatible is Unitarian Universalist,—one of the few churches I've attended (just once) in my life. It was very much based on individual experience; it was influential for me because it was the first time I heard a transgendered person share their experience. But, ultimately, it was a little too New Agey for me.