Dreamboat of the Week

We've added a new feature here at Therapist with a Dream Inside:

Dreamboat of the Week.

Each Monday, a new Dreamboat will be discreetly chosen to be the current Dreamboat of the Week.

It's a brief reign, but no one needs that kind of responsibility permanently.


  1. Hey Charles can you email me? For some reason I cannot find your email on this thing. It btw, has nothing to do dream boats but do you think those are his real teeth?

  2. hi charles--this has nothing to do with the dreamboat but can you post that beckian fg prose poem you mentioned on Wendy's blog? I can't find a copy and am dying to read it. thx!

  3. Aimee--

    "I Wish I Were Mexico"

    When my father came back from the dead he came back as a small. He came back as a bus passing comes back as a cloud, fumy and genie-like granting three wishes. He came back as a seaside town. He came back as the great parlor of fragrance thrown open by coconut. Meanwhile the bus was winding past Taxco, the child hanging out the window on the mountain road wanting to throw up. And when the bus turned and held itself mid-air the child died and someone else got on with her life. That's the one my father returns to because it's so simple. You breathe. And the bloom of gin comes back like a tree.

    — Beckian Fritz Goldberg

  4. love it! thanks so much--that made my morning--