But I Still Haven't Found What I'm Googling

Yesterday was the Grand Opening of the Piper Writers House at ASU.

I heard readings and talks by Alberto Ríos, Amy Tan, Don Lee, George Witte, Norman Dubie, Jeannine Savard, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, and Ron Carlson. They were all good; Amy Tan and Don Lee were the highlights of the day for me. I ran into Don in the morning walking through the house and introduced myself—he was very kind and gracious. Amy completely worked the crowd. My parents drove down to hear her reading; late that night they called me to say thanks so much for telling them about it, that they'd enjoyed it so much, and to let them know when there would be other events they could come to. They were not convinced the Amy Tan event was free—which it was. It was that good.

Beckian read "Blackfish Blues," which is a freaking amazing poem.

More search terms on a path that ends at Therapist with a Dream Inside:

adolescence & metrosexuality
goodbye, iowa
literary failures
vaginas sample
rhymes with whipping
Popita Fresh
poetry about fathers
Dubie surprises 2005

I just want it noted for the record that the vagina searches came from google.uk. Apparently, they're on the lookout over there.


  1. Hey, I like your new blog background. Very clean and bright.

  2. Thanks. I needed a change.