I added a third section to my new ms. It's a set of earlier poems that I think, inherently, communicate with the poems I'd already collected into the volume. This gives me three sections (*snore*) but it does bring my page count up to 70, which is, I think, the middle ground for most contests.

The unofficial section titles are

Little Burning Edens
The Heart, Like a Window
Sad Divas

I'm not a fan of section titles, but I do think of them as having titles in my own head.

I've created 21 journal submission packets over the weekend. They're sitting in a stack on my desk with "Post Office" written all over their desperate little faces.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. wow. you're organized. i kinda like sections in poetry books, they're like little chapters. i need someone to help me get organized, like a personal publishing trainer. C Dale's publishing tips are a great help. posts like this help too, help me to see I'm lazy...happy valentine's day.