Under Radar

I haven't vanished and I'm not yet transparent (except when intoxicated), but I am very touched by those who left comments wondering about my whereabouts.

To compensate, please enjoy this Nicosian "Week(end) in 15":

1. A triumverate of joy & happiness: free Chipotle, Sideways, and Gap shopping, where I bought a corduroy blazer for a big event this week. *swoons*

2. Bowling with 25 gay men; subsequent bowling injury to ankle ligament & glute due to bowling alley's lack of size 12 bowling shoes. Do not bowl in Chuck Taylors.

3. Southwestern Arts Conference, which featured a really inspiring & encouraging discussion of Phoenix's First Fridays art events.

4. My supervisor solicited and approved a new, more appropriate title for me at work.

5. Dinner with my family, including niece and nephew play time.

6. Night driving with Portishead.

7. Several games of MarbleBlast.

8. Drag queens; Stoli Vanil & Coke.

9. Stoli Vanil & Coke-induced rendition of Bananarama's "Cruel Summer," at top volume, in car on the way home.

10. Two strangers within five minutes commenting that I look like Clark Kent.

11. The sweet music of a pulled muscle & a heating pad.

12. A found poem, a new poem.

13. Bernadette Meyer's Midwinter Day; received in the mail Gay & Lesbian Poetry in Our Time, Fanny Howe's Selected Poems.

14. Laundry for days.

15. Redecorating the living room, which included a power drill, some very long screws, and a hammer. Butchfest 2005.


  1. Where can I find Bernadette Meyer's Midwinter Day...would love to read and cannot find on web.

  2. It's a booklength poem, so you'll have to check Amazon.com or half.com to track it down--I got it at a used bookstore near my house...

  3. Bananarama's "Cruel Summer," !

    I've been know to do this without the Stoli Vanil & Cokes *lol*

  4. And you had people worried about your whereabouts? The nerve!!! :-)