Google Me This

The latest list of search phrases that have led unsuspecting visitors to my blog:

"Rufus Wainwright featuring Dido I eat dinner + text"


"A dream poem"

"About elegy poetry on AIDS"

"Shadow form visual basic"

"Example Debutant personal poem"

"Viral rhetoric"

I have now ensure these search terms will continue to lead people here.


  1. Charles, This will betray my lack of knowledge about the web, but how do you know this? Regardless, some cool terms bringing people your way.

  2. I have a site meter that tracks the webpages that refer people to my site. For example, I can see when other bloggers stop by my blog if they click to me from their own blog. When people search through any typical search engine, the resulting URL contains their search terms, which I peek at when checking the site meter and then write down near my computer. Because, yes, I'm that geeky.

  3. Ah, this explains your quick discovery of me in the blogworld! How sneaky and yet how appealing. Hope you aren't still getting off the bus in an, ahem, aroused state.

  4. I don't think I set my sitemeter up correctly as it just gives me numbers. Though you may have a paid account, I've the Ms. Cheapo account which puts images of little padlocks on all that I can't touch.

    By the way, another great photo.

    Take care.

  5. I have the free one too. In the left column, there's a link that says "Referrals" or something similar. Click it, and then mouse over anything that says "google" or "yahoo" or such, and you'll be able to see the search terms.

    Or, you can click on the link, and it will take you to the web page with all the search results, and you'll see the original search terms in the text box. :)

  6. Dale,

    I've moved on to the part of the book about the trial, so I'm not reading about dirty, dirty sex acts between men while riding the bus. And that's helping a lot.

  7. Charles,

    Thanks! Good info. I had to redo my counter as originally I had it set up wrong so I was only getting "unknown"'s, but now all is well in the referral world. And I received my first search engine, someone found me by searching for "Deborah Ager Bio."

    Thanks again for the info.

  8. Apparently, the most popular search words leading to my blog right now are "Best American Poetry," "Sarah Manguso," and "John Ashbery." So odd to know this.

  9. My most common search phrase ever has been "Sarah Vap," who is a friend of mine. Apparently, people constantly want to find her.