Lately I've been selling some old furniture on craigslist, which I only recently discovered. And it's been better than eBay. And good thing—with the new IKEA in town, my house can't hold much more goodness.

Anyway, today I found this on craiglist—the "best" of. I have nearly pissed myself. My favorites:

This one
this one.

But they're all pretty good (not necessarily work safe for dirty words in the text).


  1. Interested to read your poem "Therapist with a Dream Inside." Like the title. Is it on-line anywhere?

  2. It's on my website, which you can link to under "essential links" on the right.

  3. I didn't find the "Therapist" poem. I enjoyed the four that were there... compelling blends of sensuality, sexuality, surrealism, natural beauty. I think of cherry-filled dark chocolates (maybe it's the colour of your website), of the word "seamless", although even that's too seamy. In "Her Breast", when he burned her number in the ashtray, he burned it into my mind forever, or at least for a very long time...

  4. Oh, I had the links messed up. It's there now--sorry. :)