Cheap books

Goldmine at the used bookstore today:

Margaret Atwood, Power Politics
Alison Hawthorne Deming, Science and Other Poems
Russell Edson, The Tormented Mirror
Maureen Seaton, Furious Cooking
Kimiko Hahn, The Unbearable Heart
Michael Burkard, Pennsylvania Collection Agency

I'm especially excited about having the Atwood book. Her poem

"you fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye"

that begins the collection is one of the first poems that really affected me deeply. I was in high school, and I remember being obsessed with it—I'd scribble it in the covers of my notebooks and I think I even tacked it up in my locker, over my enormous door-length collages of Sharon Stone and Shannen Doherty, near the mirror.


  1. How I envy you. That’s one of the things I miss most about America, aside from friends and family. Cheap books! Damn! Here in the old continent books are terribly expensive and since I live in a rural area I don’t have much access to bargains. I can order almost anything I want but I have to pay dearly. For foreign books, i.e. American, I have to pay 40 % of my order in shipping costs! A crime, a punishment. I envy you deeply.


  2. Have you read "Negotiating with the Dead", Margaret Atwood's book on writing? I got it for Xmas and I adore it.

  3. Alberto, I would die here were it not for the steady influx of cheap books in my life. I love used poetry books, too--they come to me having already been loved and worn. They just feel more inviting.

    Maria, I haven't read that yet but I'll definitely add it to my list. I'm obsessed with your obsessions.