Since Tuesday night I've watched 10 consecutive episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I'm sick. A cold ambushed me after my two weeks of non-stop defense stress.

Last night, though, I fought through the late-night haze of NyQuil just so I could watch Project Runway, which is easily the best reality show I've ever seen.


  1. Charlie,
    Is that the one about the fashion designers? I caught one of the episodes the other night. Brutal!

    Oh, and I meant to respond to your Precious post, but kept coming up with that creature from Lord of the Rings and well, that's it. *lol*

  2. S:

    Yes, PR is the fashion designer show. It blows my mind what they have to do—it's actual creative work! I think they could do this same thing with poets, although there'd probably be more drama. And fewer miniskirts.

    And your LOTR reference made me fall out of my chair. I can't believe I forgot about him!!!

    I'm so sick today that I totally sound like him, too.

  3. Drink some tea with honey, right now. I'm waiting. (tapping foot)

    O.K. I would rather die than be judged on my creative work and then face being kicked off the show. My favorite designer is the guy who made the dress out of corn husks. :-)

    Feel better! xo