Suzanne & A.D.

And What Do You Get

Excise the er from exercise. Or from
example, take the ex out: now it's bigger;
to be lonely, take the amp out
and replace it with an i, Take am or me
away from name
and suddenly there's not
much left, the name's one of the many names

for naught. Eleven tons of hidden work
are always lurking inside words. In English or
analysis (the cons turned pro, among the -fessions)
take in out
of mind and you've

go someone who delivers you a bill.
Take double you from anybody's will
a skew, a skid—and all
is terrifying—
take the the from

therapist, split accent with an id

                    Heather McHugh

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  1. I wonder if she had Sean Connery in mind when she wrote this piece. Good stuff.