I recently—and suddenly—went from having three jobs to just one.

For teaching, I need to finish calculating my grades, but that's it. I have one other online course I'm teaching at another institution that's ongoing.

But I guess the big news is that Friday was my last day of working sales at Gap.

I've been working for Gap since just before I started my teaching assistantship, about a year and a half. Six months ago I transferred from my store's Gap location to the babyGap store, which I ended up enjoying 1,000 times more because babies are actually less high maintenance than most adult shoppers. The strangest phenomenon: suddenly, it was no longer my fault when the size 8 woman stuffing herself into the size 2 lost consciousness because she couldn't breathe.

Anyway, I'm trying to stay on at Gap in a non-sales capacity, but haven't heard anything definite about it. I'm pretty damn hooked on that discount.

And next week I'm starting my full-time, post-MFA job.

It's a crazy world, folks.

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  1. What is the new full time job? I hope something interesting and also something that won't distract you from discussing poetry!