The Poet Sarah Vap

Sarah Vap and I have just undertaken an ambitious collaborative project.

Well, we've had collaboration on the brain lately. Both of us have written some sort of collage/"absent collaboration" poem recently (I mentioned mine—it involved Madonna lyrics, which Eduardo considered essentially "especially gay"). We've also been doing an epistolary interview with the luminous Beth Ann Fennelly, which turned into an odd collision of collaborative poetics and process.

So now Sarah and I, amid conversations about "personal language," "internal language," etc, have decided to translate each other's poetry from the author's personal language to our own.

This may entail a series of back-and-forth translations of the same poem, or it may end up being one translation of many poems.

In any case, I just got back from working at babyGap and my hands were filthy. So I washed them with my tangerine-scented GapGirl glycerine soap. Suddenly, everything's just a little bit brighter.

BTW, Sarah Vap is a genius and a beautiful poet—you'll definitely be seeing her everywhere soon (if you aren't already).


  1. Are you trying to say that your poem infused with Madonna lyrics isn't gay? Remember, gay IS good. But just let me say that that poem is pure testerone compared to your bar of soap: tangerine-scented GapGirl glycerine. Paging Mr. Clean...

    Your collaborative project sounds intersting. I hope you post some of it soon on your blog.

  2. I realize that involving Madonna in any endeavor ups the queer factor exponentially, so no, I'm not claiming it's not gay, especially since it's a complicated coming out poem.

    But I think Cyndi Lauper is WAY more queer than Madonna, and a lot less mainstream. I took Madonna because folks expect Madonna. Cyndi's more elusive, harder to pin down...

  3. Sarah Vap is indeed a beautiful poet. She has some poems in a small journal out of Athens, GA, called Skein. It's a very pretty journal. SV's poems are wonderful.