Halloween Help

For Halloween this year, I'm going to be a very naughty, very scantily-clad gym teacher circa 1983.

I'm going to make an iron-on of some kind of funny name and "dept of phys ed" or something like that.

What should my dirty gym teacher's name be? It should be something punny.

Here, fill in the blank: Mr. ______________ .


  1. In 9th grade there was a Teachers vs. J.V. basketball game. The teacher's bench was directly across the gym from where I was sitting. Mr. McCann wore very baggy green shorts and every single time he sat down on the bench -- in a quite unladylike fashion, I must admit -- all his junk slid to one side -- exposed for all of us to see (or at least those of us who were looking, which may have just been my friend and me). Ninth grade was an exciting year, but Mr. McCann's balls was truly one of my pivotal teenage moments. Have fun with your Halloween costume.

  2. Thanks for that. Your story just made my day. :)