One of my new favorite things is my site meter, which I look at about two or three times a day. I see where people come to my site from, how long they stay, what pages refer them here....I feel like a little detective sifting through miles of data, looking for that one elusive clue...

I'm done defending Madonna now. If some folks out there prefer Cyndi Lauper, I guess they deserve that and I won't comment anymore. Unless Eduardo keeps me on the Shit List. ;)


  1. Site Meter? Gawd, now you'll discover that I am stalking you...

    Anyways, let me just say this about the Cyndi/Madonna thing. First, there is no comparison when it comes to CDs sold or popular culture impact: Maddy wins hands down.

    I love Cyndi because behind that wacky persona from the 80s that most people still associate with her is a true artist. She writes lovely songs. She co-wrote "Time After Time" and I don't think any Madonna song will outlast this song. And her last CD of covers "At Last" showcases--finally--that voice!!

    Also, Cyndi occupies a place that the gay subculture once did: the fringe, on the edge of mass visiblity. And this makes her a more "queer" artist than Madonna. And don't doubt Cyndi's impact on queer culture: the guy who designed the rainbow flag has stated that he designed it after hearing "True Colors."

  2. I'm afraid I don't have anything to say about Cyndi vs. Madonna. But, hi! . . . (it's Holly)