Comments on what I'm reading, now and recently:

1. Mutsuo Takahashi's 1,000 line "Ode" contains section headings like "Groin Odor," "Prick or Head," "Gropeteria," "Forecome and Come." I'm loving it. It's a strange, fascinating, dream-like approach to gaining and understanding of the male physique, without shame, without excuse.

2. Ronald Johnson's To Do As Adam Did was recommended to me but I haven't liked it. His mode of writing is too intangible for me—too thinky, if you will; not thingy enough—although I enjoyed his concrete poems. Why is concrete poetry so devalued? It's such an interesting phenomenon, a strange marriage made of visual and textual arts. Instead: I'm moving on to his book-length poem Ark.

3. Understanding Movies. I just started teaching an online section of an Intro to Cinema course at an area community college and have been jogging my memory with our text book, getting excited about films I saw and was awed by (Krzysztof Kieslwski's White, Soderberg's Traffic, Truffaut's Jules et Jim, etc.) Having a stronger film presence in my life is a beautiful thing.

4. Vanity Fair's November issue features a focus on music and a cover shot of Johnny Depp. I devour VF's juxtaposition of high culture & politics with celebrity gossip and goings-on.

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  1. I love Vanity Fair. Maybe more than Martha Stewart Living, which is now not Martha Stewart Living anymore, but just "living."

    I like Saveur best of all, however.


    And Cyndi Lauper is WAYYYYYYYYY better than Madonna.


    The first three chords to "Ray of Light" are also the opening chords to "Boys Don't Cry."


    I've never been able to get into Ronald Johnson's poetry. His cookboooks ain't bad though.