I confronted it.

I paginated my thesis manuscript. I broke down the way I was thinking about it. I have poems that I sensed and created as sequences—the longest being 14 poems long—and that ghettoizing of work was preventing me from moving forward. I scattered the sequences over three sections.

It's 79 poems long. Probably about 90 pages, roughly, but I'm expecting some of these guests to leave the party early.

Oh, and I hate all my poems.


  1. Bravo! You're one step ahead of me. I have to finish 3 poems & then I can start ordering my ms. What's the title of your ms.? I'm hell-bent on naming my ms: Stars are the Slowest Lightning. Why? Because Beauty is Nothing but the Beginning of Terror.

    Snap, snap.

  2. I remember doing that. The worst part is the lady with the ruler in the graduate office. Fear the ruler!