I just finished creating my profile.

And I've been experimenting with that Spahr-inspired collaging, revisiting my Madonna pastiche poem and crossing it with invented and revised memories, quoted journal entries (mine), and a pamphlet on coming out to your parents. It's going well. Nine pages so far. Don't know what I'll keep or toss, but the process has been exciting.


  1. Charlie! I found you. I checked out your profile, & you might be more gay than me. When I saw the movie Bring It On, I said to a bud, "This movie will appeal mostly to teenagers, & queer academics/artists."

    I'm very happy DA Powell is coming to ASU's conference. I might him once at AWP. Let me say I adore his poems. And he's such a sweet guy!



    Madonna lyrics in a poem? Mmmm...It's official: you are more gay than me. Me, I prefer Cyndi Lauper...though I still like Maddy alot.

  2. I am awfully gay, but don't misinterpret my love of camp as a simple fixation on queer things. :)